Creative Director and designer with a holistic approach. I'm specialized in XR -and physical product design. With a background in applied art and design, I'm fluent in both physical and digital ( phygital ) design and able to create experiences seamlessly across both physical and digital realms.
Passionate about immersive technologies, art, human rights, and environmental sustainability, I pursue creative projects that leverage my experience, knowledge, and abilities. 
With experience living and working in various parts of Europe, including London, Rome, Berlin, Tallinn, and currently Helsinki, as well as working on projects in China, Lebanon, and the US, I possess the skill set and perspective that allows me to work with diverse cultures and individuals. This has enabled me to expand my expertise and insight into global creative practices.
Throughout my career, I have honed skills such as client relations, funding, establishing creative visions, designing hands-on, and managing production pipelines while staying within budget constraints. I'm very good at building and mentoring creative teams from diverse multi-discipline backgrounds, developing concepts, and fostering collaborations between businesses.
Besides interesting projects, I'm always happy to hear about interesting and weird happenings and gigs,  surf spots, plant cuttings, wine tasting, dinner invites, art & design shows and making things together.
Thank you!